Why Cairn Terriers after 30 years of English Mastiffs at Brullemail ?
When I met Bernard back in 1996 and eventually moved to live with him at Brullemail, I was accompanied by a couple of Scottish Terriers , Alice & Gus who went on to live the rest of their happy years with us and our Mastiffs at our beautiful Normandy stud farm.They passed in 2000. Many years went by when at dog  and horse shows we would often admire different breeds always with the idea of finding one day the perfect smaller dog to share our life. We looked at Borders,Whippets, wired haired Jacks, Norfolks but never deciding. In the end I knew that I loved Scotties but their grooming and style was maybe too smart for country life and especially around the farm with horses, machinery and mastiffs . We needed a dog that was agile and smart.Cairns had all of these qualities but with a more rustic appearance and a clever, bright attitude. And so we started to watch them at various dog shows and in particular I had flashed on a certain type that kept on attracting my attention. It so happened that they often came from similar Scandinavian lines and from one kennel in Sweden. The world famous Hjohoos owned by Elisabeth Theodorssom.We wanted a female from a prestigious line to start our selective breeding just as we did with our mastiffs.  
I finally brought  Jess, (Hjohoo's Just Wants Hjour Love) our first Cairn puppy, back home after a long drive to Hjo in Sweden in January 2015. A very pretty,affectionate brindle bitch who immediately seduced us and also several judges winning her very first show at the French Championships as Best Puppy in breed. Along with my "experimental" grooming and Jess's gentle nature we slowly learnt more about the breed and also about showing Cairns. Very different to Mastiffs but the perfect happy show and house companions to our gentle giants.
Jess had her first litter of pups in 2017.Three brindle girls. I was very lucky to have bred her to an extremely handsome and sweet natured dog also coming from Scandinavia, FR CH Nordcairns New in Town " Newton",owned by the famous Terrardiere kennel in France. Stephanie Rouillon, his owner has often given me precious handling and grooming advice whenever we met at dog shows. We kept the feisty and beautiful brindle Noomi Rose Glen Brullemail. Noomi became our first champion Cairn winning the coveted Best Junior in breed at the French Championships. Noomi won also the Top Junior Award in 2018. Like her mother Jess, she has also earned the cotation 4 "Recommandé" awarded by the French club CATE. With several CACs in France and CACIBs abroad we hope to make her an International Champion one day. Noomi to our great pride has attended CRUFTS twice and both times won the yellow ribbon placed 3rd in the Junior and Intermediate classes, not too mention a nice 3rd place at the World Dog Show in Amsterdam 2019.
It was only natural to go back to my fist love for Jess's second litter and return to Sweden so that she could meet the world famous Cairn, Magnus.Hjohoos Love Looking at You. From this litter of  again only females (4) we kept the mischievous & pretty little blonde Daisy. Oops a' Daisy Glen Brullemail. Who is our cute little golden ball of fun. Her brindle sister "Odette", Oh My Goodness Glen Brullemail who I show occasionally for her owner, like Noomi has also earned the coveted French Junior Champion title (awaiting validation) at the National club show in 2019.She also won the Top Junior Award for the breed in 2019.
So not a bad start for a fairly "young" Cairn breeder and an absolute fan of these charming little rascals.
But above all, like our Mastiffs our 3 girls share our everyday life and bed...which even the Mastiffs aren't allowed... and bring us endless pleasure and joy with their happy go lucky characters. I am still learning all the time about this fantastic, endearing breed and wish to thank all of the breeders, friends and judges who have helped us over the years.
And why the "Glen" in front of Brullemail ? Because my family home in Cornwall where I grew up was called Glenmere and it's the Celtic/Scottish link to my roots that I am so very proud of. 

Christopher King