Brullemail is not only the land of horses but also that of dogs and in particularly MASTIFFS.

Of course, all dog owners think,and they are probably right, that the breed they love is the best of all!

Since my tender childhood I have always been around dogs in my family. In Brittany, at the home of my grandparents, we had hunting dogs, (Brittany Spaniels, Fauve de Bretagne, Labradors, English Setters). When I was 13, I was finally allowed to have my own dogs, who became the faithful companions of my adolescence and into my twenties (Boxer and then an Irish Wolfhound) . Christopher grew up in the Cornish countryside with 4 standard Dachsunds and when he moved to Paris aquired a couple of Scottish terriers, Gus and Alice who ended their days gracefully, running around the green fields of Brullemail.

I have always been interested by many breeds,some very big like,Mastiffs, Neapolitan Mastiffs, Fila, Irish Wolfhounds, Greyhounds, Americain Akita and others,a little smaller, such as Scotties, Norfolks, Borders, French and English Bulldogs.But even while these breeds take my fancy and I never miss the chance to admire them alongside the rings at international shows, it would be impossible to posess all of them at the same time. But nevertheless, I hope one day , if I have the time, to become a judge. Which would enable me to participate in the selection of certain breeds. I consider myself already very lucky to live my life and my passions with dogs and horses in the middle of the countryside.  

The Brullemail Stud farm, with its 120 hectares of Normandy pastures, is a privelidged land where we live in harmony with about 100 horses and 10 dogs.

Like all Mastiff fans around the globe, my Mastiffmania started with a "coup de foudre", the day I met my first Mastiff, the Molosse with a tender heart. It was back in 1986,the year I moved to Brullemail, I was taking one of my mares to a neighbouring stud farm where I was greeted by a stentorian voice , deep and impressive, telling me that somewhere in the farmyard there was a Molosse. Suddenly I saw this big wet nose glued onto my car windscreen !

This Mastiff, who came from the United States was called Agbar (family of Indian Raid). It was thanks to him that my love story with this exceptional breed began. So naturally, several months later my first Mastiff arrived at Brullemail, a female called BAMBOU DE BELGODERE.

Ever since my passion for this breed hasn't stopped growing.
I had my first litter of Mastiff pups in 1990, the year I registered the name of my kennel at the SCC, BRULLEMAIL. This litter came from the breeding of BAMBOU with a young 18 month dog called WALLY,otherwise known as WARBUFF BULLIF(belonging to Francoise Berthou) who went onto become the top stud dog of his time,this being his first litter.

I am a member of the French Mastiff and Bullmastiff Club and have signed their Breeding Charter, recommended by the Club. I am also a member of the Mastiff Association in Great Britain and the MCOA in the USA.

As for my horses, I like to be well informed about genetic selection and I can only live out my passion by going as deep into the subject as possible,by travelling around the world to discover as much information possible.

This creates a real problem for me, as my passion would really require that I have many dogs and lots of litters. But as the dogs at Brullemail live close to their masters in the house or in their park, this could not be possible as they are our true companions all day long. For many years my professional activities did not allow me the time to concentrate more time on the breeding of Mastiffs. Nevertheless, during these years I lived with my 3 Mastiffs and they gave me so much joy,that only other lovers of the breed could understand! Bambou and two of her pups Flagada and Florian.

It is only since 1998 that I have found more time to satisfy my interest cynophilie and start to travel around the world & see for myself hundreds of Mastiffs (and other breeds)in the best international shows and national club shows and to meet famous and important breeders and take part in judges seminars in Great Britain. In short,I now have more time to cultivate my Mastiffmania.

It was also back in 1998,(my first Mastiffs were getting old or had already passed on), that I started a quest to find some new puppys throughout Europe.Difficult to find subjects that could live up to my aspirations, for dogs with an excellent type but also with a sound and good movement, as I am staunch campaigner for Mastiffs that Move!

Beginning of 1999, my choice was made on a male, having found an excellent litter of pups in Denmark (Hugedogge Kennel) we brought him home at 3 months,a dog that had exactly all the qualities I had been looking for in a Mastiff, uniting an excellent movement along with the typically amicable character of this breed.He is of course PERCY.

A few months later, it was in Wales that we found the brindle female that I hoped for. (Bredwardine Kennel).We called her PRIMROSE.She had the qualities of a future mother that I was looking for, very deep set, stocky and with a remarkable head and expression.They also both had excellent pedigrees, very complementary to those of other Mastiffs in France.

After 10 years without any litters, we had the first pups from the union of PERCY & PRIMROSE in 2001.To be followed by other litters nearly every year or at least every other one.

We also imported a young female from the USA in 2003 who became the now famous SAMANTHA.

Having stuck to my ideas and selection and with only a restricted number of births, BRULLEMAIL Mastiffs has been nevertheless the N°1 kennel in France from 2003 to 2006.Our Mastiffs have also stayed at the N°1 spot for the breed from 2003 to 2007.
Over the last 10 years our Mastiffs have had the most amazing success in dog shows,winning several French and World Championship titles.

The influence of our lines starts to spread throughout the world with dogs exported to Germany,Belgium,Russia,Latvia,USA, Brazil etc....

By visiting our website you can find out everything you wish to know about our Mastiffs and share our passion for this extraordinary breed, our GUARDIAN ANGELS.

Bernard Le Courtois & Christopher King