The story of Alme ,a horse who was out of the ordinary,is the same as that of the modern sport horse .
If the thoroughbred Orange Peel had left his remarkable signature on the stud-book Selle-Français between the wars (1930-1940), creating the foundations for the sport horse,his grand son IBRAHIM firmly established the roots of what would become the the main bloodline for most sport horses in the years between 1960-1970, an
important period in the development of riding horses.
And then came along his great grand son ALME, who for once and all truly consecrated this major branch in the family tree of the Selle-Français horse. He spread his magic potion thoughout the world from 1971 à 1990, for almost 20 years.
ALME, being one of the first horses to also prove his talent for jumping in competitions,leaving behind him a long line of performing stallions never equaled by any other interna...