1989 - SF - 1,67 m - Bf

VENDUE en 2006
  Alm SF
Ibrahim sf
The Last Orange ds
Vaillante ds
Girondine sf
Ultimate ps
J'Vin Mars ds
  Madrillon SF
Artichaut sf
Pierreville sf
Jariose ds
Inula sf
Amarpour ps
Narcisse ds

BRULLEMAIL is one of our best girls from our Foundation sire Alm. Her mother line is excellent.
Her grand dam INULA (Amarpour ps) ISO 124, was the direct sister to the crack FLAMBEAU C (Un Prince ps) a great winner in CSIO, one of the best horses in the world in the 80's. This family also gave us the international winners ORCHESTRE CSIO in the USA, ROI DU MANOIR CSI, ALCAMERA LA SILLA stallion in Mexico.
Her dam MADRILON,3/4 sister to the stallion MUGUET DU MANOIR, has also produced APOLINE (1988 Rivage du Poncel) sold at 3yrs, mother of KHAN DU FRAIGNEAU good winner in CSI ISO ..., CELYRIA MAIL (1990 I Love You) mother of IOUBLOFF MAIL (1996 Rubloff ps) good winner CSO, JOLLY MAIL (1997 Rubloff ps) Champion Supreme broodmare 1999 then sold, DEUS MAIL (1991 Laudanum ps) sold foal, good winner CSO ISO 124, KESSERA MAIL (1998 Hand In Glove ps) exported to Italy at 3,broodmare.
BRULLEMAIL,after her first foal at 4,started to jump at 5yrs. Qualified for the final,she was placed 10th & ELITE, ISO 127.Selected for the 5yr final at Lanaken. Back to breeding at 6.
Sold to Haras de la Roque (Alexandrine Hecard) in foal by FERGAR MAIL; dam of SUMMER DE LA ROQUE one of the best 4 year old in 2010.


BRULLEMAIL was bred at 3.Her frist born was FANTAISIE MAIL (1993 Hand In Glove ps) jumped at 4yrs with Christophe Grangier then was later a broodmare (see her page)
. Exported in 1997 to Zangersheide, BRULLEMAIL had 3 foals :
- AVALON Z (1997 Alligator Fontaine),
- CALLAMAIL Z (1998 Calvin)
- CAS Z (1999 Calvaro).
Exported then to Germany to Paul Schockemohle, we bought her back in 2000.
- PALLADIO MAIL (2003 Jaguar Mail) winner CSO at 5 with David Mommolin and at 6 will be ridden by Patrice Delaveau.
- QUINTIESSENCE MAIL (2004 Jaguar Mail) sold at Fences 2005.
- RENAISSANCE MAIL (2005 Jaguar Mail) sold at Fences 2008.
BRULLEMAIL was sold in 2006 to Michel Hecart in foal to FERGAR MAIL.
- SUMMER DE LA ROQUE (Fergar Mail) qualified for the 4 yr old jumping Final 2010
We still have at the stud her grand daughter MUSIQUE MAIL (Alligator).