The Haras de Brullemail, was created by Bernard Le Courtois back in 1986,around an old manor house dating back to the XVIII century(1722).

Brullemail is in the heart of one of the finest breeding regions for horses in southern Normandy,in the countryside surrounding the famous town of le Merlerault. The very first royal stud farm was built in Le Merlerault at the beginning of the XVII century.Brullemail is a small farming community situated between the towns of Le Merlerault and Courtomer,at the boundaries of the Perche and Pays d'Auge,right in the centre of the county, l'Orne.This charming Normandy hamlet is under two hours away from Paris by car.One hour from Le Mans by the A28 or from Caen.

In these traditional rural surroundings the Haras de Brullemail has become in twenty years one of the leading stud farms for breeding sport horses in France.
Our goal from the beginning has been to select,breed and sell sport horses of the highest quality, as our motto goes , "success will bring success ".

Bernard Le Courtois has been responsable for either having found,made famous,distributed or bred some of the best stallions in the world like ALMÉ, LAUDANUM, HAND IN GLOVE, I LOVE YOU, NOREN, DIGNE ESPOIR, SANDRO Z, CALVARO Z, CARTHAGOZ, ALLIGATOR FONTAINE, QUITE EASY, QUALITY TOUCH, IOWA including some younger ones born and raised at Brullemail like FRASCATOR MAIL, FERGAR MAIL et JAGUAR MAIL.Horses that may be the stars of the future.
He has stuck to the same principals and visions for over 25 years in his type of horse.BLC above all likes beautiful horses with blood, showing true talent for sport whether they be Thoroughbred,Selle Français or Selle Etranger(other studbooks).
Many excellent sport horses have been born or raised at Brullemail, like some of these international show jumping winners, ALLIGATOR FONTAINE, ADAM IV, ALMANDINE, CHABGAR MAIL, CHERGAR MAIL, ESPRIT D'AZUR, FERSEN MAIL, FRASCATOR MAIL, FERGAR MAIL, HOGGAR MAIL, HICKORY MAIL, IKAT MAIL, IROISE MAIL, JAGUAR MAIL, KATCHINA MAIL, CADEAU Z, LOREN MAIL, MOON MAIL, MATAHARI MAIL, ORNELLA MAIL etc .In Eventing the first top winners are the internationals FAMOSO MAIL, JESSY MAIL and in Dressage LE WHIRLDWIND and OTTO MAIL.
A major part in the success and the selection at Brullemail comes from the strict choice in its broodmares. Depending on the period around 15 to 30 broodmares give birth to 10 to 25 foals every year. The mothers are chosen concerning their model, their blood,their movement,their mother lines, their skills for jumping or those of their family. Many of them have become our foundation mothers, the solid base upon which to create prestigious international winners in jumping and eventing. Mares like,ADORET, NIGHT FONTAINE, EVE DE LA DAME, ALMANDINE, JESSICA D, HISTORIETTE (aa), ELVIRA MAIL etc.
To pick and breed remarkable broodmares, is the secret in the success of any stud farm.After you must have the feeling and the knowledge to produce future champions. It is also vital that the enviroment where these horses are born and raised is of the best quality,working with real horse men who have the skill and the patience,whether they be grooms or riders.It is only with this science,this awareness, that the young stock will have the best chance to succeed to their highest potential before arriving to maturity at a top show level.The road is long and difficult. To breed one champion is luck.To have bred 10 ,is a science.

The Haras de Brullemail is the only french stud to have 3 horses bred from our stallions taking part in the Olympic Games in Beijing 2008.Two of which made it into the final and one taking home a medal.: ILION KILLEN (I Love You) for Russia, JAGUAR MAIL (Hand In Glove) finalist, 33rd and 6th by team(Sweden) & JALISCA SOLIERS (Alligator Fontaine) 10th final,Bronze Team Medal (Switzerland).

In the Top 100 best Selle Français based on the WBFSH ranking for jumping in 2008, 11 horses from breeding fees sold by the stud out of CALVARO, ALLIGATOR, LAUDANUM & HAND IN GLOVE. 2nd KATCHINA MAIL (Calvaro Z), 8th JALISCA SOLIER (Alligator Fontaine sf), 13th LAM DE FETAN (Fergar Mail sf), 39th GRIMM ST CLAIR (Laudanum ps), 41th FIRST DE LAUNAY (Laudanum ps), 51st JAGUAR MAIL (Hand In Glove ps), 64th IKAT MAIL (Hand In Glove ps), 72nd GRACE DU FRAIGNEAU (Laudanum ps), 84th JEANS GLOVE VARNEL (Hand In Glove ps), 87th HASTINGS (Laudanum ps) et 95th GERFAUT D’HELBY (Laudanum ps). In the Top 30 for the WBFSH Eventing, we can find 3 products from our stallion Hand In Glove. 10th JESSY MAIL, 11th MOZART DES CLOTINS & 17th LORD DE LIGNIERE.
Concerning the broodmares from our stallions with good products,we can also boast the top place with LAUDANUM present 7 times in some pedigrees,ALME 4 times and KISSOVO twice.Only 3 broodmares in France can boast to be mothers of more than one horse in the world ranking 2008. ELVIRA MAIL (Laudanum ps - Adoret Z - Almé) is one of them, mother of JAGUAR MAIL & KATCHINA MAIL !
I am proud of the results of these SF at a world level from my stallions in CSI & CCI. It just goes to prove the versatlity of the stallions when they are good and have « Blood ».
These are the solid results of 25 years of selection.

Bernard Le Courtois proposes a team of 3 grooms (Thierry et Jonathan) with our inseminatrice (Mélanie), plus some other ones during the breeding sesaon, all under the direction of the stud farm manager Marc Vannier.
We can take care of breaking in, as well as the up keep of your horses while on holiday or to keep the stallions in training during their collecting and freezing period.
Our secretary Laetitia Capelle can be reached everyday from Monday to Friday except Wesnesday (only in the morning) from 8h45 to 13h and 14h to 17h30 .
From the beginning we have always worked with the team of vets at the Clinique du Livet , present every afternoon during the breeding season at Brullemail.
Our blacksmith is Frederic Orgeval who comes every Thursday.
Bernard Le Courtois is always available to answer your calls and questions for breeding tips or advice and for enquiries to buy broodmares and foals, etc.
The Haras de Brullemail covers over 112 hectares of good normandy pastures surrounding the farm. This fertile land that is called « le pays du Merlerault »is famous for the quality of its rich grass and fresh springwater.
Everything here is made to help make solid and athletic horses.We can look after your broodmares either all year round or just for the breeding season and your foals, mares and retired hores will all receive the same good conditions and care.
We have fields that go from 5 to 35 hectares in size,enclosed with wooden or electric barriers. A herd of cattle go from pasture to paddock to clean up after the horses.Hay is produced on the land.All other feed is supplied by DP Nutrition. Your horses will be brought up alongside our own under the same conditions to make future athletes.
40 stables and a maternity of 4 stalls with video cameras.
Lunging arena and outdoor sand school (16 x 32m) for free jumping and education.
Individuel grass paddocks.
A licensed laboratory to collect and inseminate, working with the team at Amelis- Equitechnic.