1989 - SF - 1m64 - baie

  Laudanum xx
Boran xx
Mourne xx
Bethora xx
Montabella xx
Montaval xx
Cecropia xx
  Douchka SF
Ibrahim sf
The Last Orange ds
Vaillante ds
Lacchante de la Dame sf
Furioso xx
Daphne ds

REINE DU VALOIS was a ravishing little mare, very harmonious and distinguished.Winner in CSO at 4 and finalist,ISO 115.
REINE DU VALOIS had an exceptional pedigree: LAUDANUM xx- IBRAHIM sf - FURIOSO xx !
Her grand dam LACCHANTE DE LA DAME (Furios ps x Galveston tf) had a first class string of horses BRIN D'AVOINE (Raa) ISO 137, EVE DE LA DAME (see page), HUIT DE COEUR CSI, ISO 147, talon, LAPSUS DE NOYERS CSIO, ISO 162.
Mother line of JORPHEE DU PRIEUR Junior Champion of Europe junior R.Y. Bost.


REINE DU VALOIS has had a very good production at Brullemail including 3 stallions.
- 1992 EGALOU MAIL (Galoubet A) m b, winner in CSO & CSI from 4 to 7 in France then exported as a stallion to Italy, father of top winners.
- 1993 FAZUR MAIL (Jalisco B) m b, wiining stallion CSO at 4 & 5yrs, finalist hunter at 4 ans, Finalist CSO at 5 with J. Zwartjes, sold at FENCES, exported to Finland.
- 1994 GLADYS MAIL (Jalisco) f db, exported at 3 to Holland to VDL stud, broodmare.
- 1996 IMAGO MAIL (Narcos II) m bb, winner of the stallion show in June 1999 at St Lo, licensed to breed at 3, Finalist at 4, classed EXCELLENT in the Championnships, label + Dressage, ISO 120. Exported to Germany, winner in class M with Johannes Ehning.Back in Fance 2008.
- 1997 JEZABELLE MAIL (Papillon Rouge) f b, exported foal in Holland, broodmare at VDL stud.
- 1999 LUMIERE MAIL (Rebel Z) f ch, CSO & broodmare.
- 2001 NOUGATINE MAIL (Alligator Fontaine) f ch, CSO and broodmare.
- 2002 OPALE MAIL (Narcos II) f ch, CSO & broodmare.
- 2003 PARADOR MAIL (Frascator Mail) geld db, winner in eventing in USA.