1970-1992 - SF - 1m68 - bai acajou

  Tout Brule SF
Brule Tout
Foudroyant II xx
Sainte Mere DS
Fleuron DS
Hirondelle DS
  Lachante de la Dame SF
Furioso xx
Precipitation xx
Maureen xx
Daphne DS
Galveston tf
Tulipe DS

EVE DE LA DAME is born at the farm of Colette Lefrant-Ducornet.
A tall mare with bone and a magnificent dark acajou coat.
She won in CSO,Finalist at 4yrs &17th of her age group with Herv Godignon en 1974.ISO 125.Arrived at Brullemail in 1986.
Her dam was a good winner in CSO & CSI. Same mother line as,CSI LAPSUS DE NOYER ISO 162, JORPHEE DU PRIEUR ISO 175 or the stallions HUIT DE COEUR ISO 143,OTTO MAIL, IMAGO MAIL, EGALOU MAIL, ADAM IV ...


EVE DE LA DAME has bred :
- 1978 M'DAME COLETTE (Feu Sacr) f b CSO ISO 127, broodmare mother of good winners
- 1979 NOUVELLE EVE (Digne Espoir) f b mother and grand mother of good winners: - SHERRY GOLDEN (Laudanum ps) ISO 120 Finalist at 4
- UPLADIDI (If de Merze) ISO 124 at 5, exported to Germany
- DSAR MAIL (Ksarset ps) ISO 124 finalist at 5
- EDEN MAIL (I Love You)stallion in GB
- FEVA MAIL (Hand In Glove ps) dam of OTTO MAIL stallion
- KRISHNA MAIL (Hand In Glove ps) broodmare

- 1982 QUADRILLON D'EVE (Galoubet) geld b 4th at 4,7th at 5 then good winner in CSO & CSI ISO 145
- 1987 VEA MAIL (Alm) f b broodmare dam of good winners CSO
- 1988 ADAM IV (Alm) m b stallion winner CSO & CSI, ISO 124, sire of good winners CSO, CCE & CD, exported to Italy then to Ireland.
- 1991 DEVA MAIL (I Love You) broodmare dam of : - HEAVEN MAIL (Laudanum ps) CSO
- CADEAU Z (Calvaro) CSIO with J. Kurten