1973-1997 - AA - 1M63 - Baie

  Barigoule AA
Florealys aa
Bobine xx
  Cirka AA
Pancho II aa
Jidere de Fondelyn aa


HISTORIETTE ravishing & feisty Anglo-Arabe mare who is the base of one of our best family lines at the stud. Winner in flat racing ,eventing & jumping, ISO 121.
HISTORIETTE is a daughter of the excellent BARIGOULE (sire of many winners) and of CIRKA.
CIRKA is also the dam of the stallion SHINTO (Frou Frou) CCI, ICC 141 and the excellent JOLIE MOME D (Alm) ISO 145, mother herself of international winners CHABGAR MAIL (Noren) ISO 144, DABGAR MAIL (Noren) ISO 143 & IKAT MAIL (Hand In Glove xx) CSIO in Italy, Champion of Italy 2006, ISO 160.
CIRKA was the sister of ROITELET (Jongleur III) CCI, ICC 148. ALPINE (Pancho II) CCI, ICC 137 mother of the internationals NABUCCO (Porto Rafti ps) pre-selected for the olympics in eventing & OUROZ (Porto Tafti ps) ICC 141. GIBSY (Pancho II) ISO 122, dam of the satllion performer ENRICO,ex Tabou des Sevres (Fast) exported to Holland.
HARKI (Pancho II) 3rd in the Criterium for 6yr olds, CSI, ISO 152, exported to Italy.
Origin of the family for the stallion ULTAN (Markus) & LEADER DE LA COSTE (Samuel) CSI ISO 158.
HISTORIETTE is now a foundation mare because she is the grand dam of KELEMOI DE PEPITA CSIO, winner of the World Top 10 & Global Champion Tour final, vice European Winner 2011 with Michel Robert & grand grand dam of ORNELLA MAIL the new CSIW star of Patrice Delaveau in 2011 (ISO 171).


HISTORIETTE started to breed at the age of 7 at the stud of her breeder Colette lefrant-Ducornet in 1980.
- 1981 PEPITA DU PARC (Jalm des Mesnuls) f b,good winner CSO, ISO 131, dam of KELEMOI DE PEPITA (Voltaire) CSIO, winner of the TOP 10 in the World 2008, Vice Eurpean Winner with Michel Robert in 2011.
- 1985 TCHIN TCHIN (Jokris)f b, ISO 105 at 4yrs, broodmare.
- 1987 VIOLETTA MAIL (Alm) f bf, CSO at 4yrs, broodmare at Brullemail then exported to Zangersheide and then Argentina, dam of FATHEPUR MAIL (Paladin des Ifs) Finalist at 4, stallion sold to the HN.
- 1988 ABGAR (Noren) h b, winner in CSO at 4, ISO 109.
- 1987 BOGHAR MAIL (Alm) mb, Champion of France foals, exported to Belgium.
- 1991 DIVINA MAIL (Galoubet A) f b,wounded foal, broodmare and dam of IROISE MAIL (Quartz du Valon) CSI ISO 145 & grand dam of ORNELLA MAIL (Lando) 3rd 6yr old Championships 2008 & 7 yr old 2009, CSIW-CSIO, ISO 171.
- 1993 FRANGELICO MAIL (Jalisco) CSO at 4 & 5yrs, finalist hunter, exported to Marocco.
- 1996 IN LOVE MAIL (Hand In Glove ps) f b, eventing ICC 120, broodmare.