2005 - 2005 - 1m66 - Bf

  Adelfos holst
Athlet Z hann
Alm sf
Golfamt hann
Condina holst
Caletto I host
L michaela westf
  Elvira Mail
Laudanum xx
Boran xx
Montabella xx
Adoret Z hann/sf
Alm sf
Goldret hann


RIVIERA MAIL is a gorgeous dark bay mare , chic and with blood.
She started to breed at 3 yrs old.
She has the same dam than JAGUAR MAIL & KATCHINA MAIL.
She is a dauhgter of the exceptional mare ELVIRA MAIL (Laudanum xx) and so is the sister of the Olympic finalist stallion JAGUAR MAIL and the SF star KATCHINA MAIL finalist of the World Cup 2010 .(see pages.)
Her sire ADELFOS, was a great champion in CSIO in Switzerland and then in France. 2nd French Championships behind ALLIGATOR FONTAINE in 1999. He has produced many international winners.
RIVIERA is linebred 3 x 3 on the foundation sire ALM & 4 x 4 on GOTTHARD hann.


Bred at 3 yr old, dam of :

- 2009 VAR MAIL (Quidam de Revel) m b dead
- 2010 ALCAZAR MAIL (Utrillo Z) m gris, Qualified for the SF Stallion show et selected for the FENCES auction 2013, sold to USA. CSI GP 150
- 2011 BOLIVAR MAIL (Quality Touch) m b, Big Apple auction, exported Colombia.
- 2012 CASPAR MAIL (Con Air) m b, dead
- 2013 DELIA MAIL (Utrillo) f b broodmare.
- 2014 ESKANDAR MAIL (Utrillo) m gr
- 2016 GASPAR MAIL (Diamant de Semilly) m black Jumping 4 & 5 yrs old
- 2018 INGMAR MAIL (Balou du Rouet) m chesnut exported to USA in 2021