1988-2004 - SF - 1,65 m - Bf

  Alm SF
Ibrahim sf
The Last Orange ds
Vaillante ds
Girondine sf
Ultimate ps
J'Vin Mars ds
  Jakosie SF
Rakosi xx
Tanerko ps
Ranavalo ps
Faveur sf
Ukase sf
Anisette sf (Kalabaka ps)

ALMANDINE has the particularity to have been born way overdue.It's incredible but she was 11 weeks late, 76 days in fact. She was due on the 4 february and her dam had her foaling on the 27 April !
He dam JAKOSIE had a pregnancy over nearly 14 months. JAKOSIE, daughter of the Thoroughbred Rakosi,was a good winner in CSO (1m40), ISO 140.
Sister to the stallion LE LUOT a good winner CSO-CSI. JAKOSIE is also the dam of CREDO MAIL (Alm) finalist at 5yrs old.
ALMANDINE did not compete at 4 yrs.At 5 she was ridden by Patrick Martin and did the B events, qualifying for the final.At 6 she caught up for lost time and was the CIR Champion at Compigne, she qualified for the 6 year old finals.And was Champion of the 6 yr old Hunters.
She also took part in the 6 yr old finals at Lanaken where she was placed 11th.She was the leader by winnings in France for 6 yr olds that year.
Winner in CSI at the end of 6yrs and especially at the CSI Seville Winner in CSI at 7? ISO 151, after she became a broodmare at the stud.
A mare with a lot respect,rapidity and courage which made up for her lack of strength.
ALMANDINE was a very chic, fairly compact, average size mare with a pretty dark bay robe.She became the Supreme Champion of broodmares at the regional final at the Haras du Pin. Always well placed at the mare shows in Caen. She had 9 points PACE + 2 points for model. She was an ELITE broodmare.
She died in 2006 at the age of 18.We have kept her daughter NYMPHA MAIL (Alligator Fontaine) and her grand daughter MATAHARI MAIL (Carthago) ISO 153 and her grear grand daughter SCARLETT MAIL (Quite Easy).


At 4yrs ALMANDINE was bred to HAND IN GLOVE and gave us FAMOSO MAIL. This dark bay gelding started in CSO with Christophe Grangier.We sold him at 5 to the ENE for Jean Teulre with whom he had a great career in CCI (ICC 157).
ALMANDINE before being exported gave us the mare IMPALA MAIL (Alligator Fontaine) by embryo transfer.
She was sold in foal to SANDRO Z to Zangersheide where she had 2 foals Santiago Z (1997 Sandro) sold at the PSI sales & Celtic Z (1999 Calvaro).
She was later sold again to Paul Schokemoehle,from who we managed to buy her back in 2000.
At Brullemail, ALMANDINE next gave us NYMPHEA MAIL (2001 Alligator Mail) CSO at 4 then broodmare, dam of :
- UMRAN MAIL (Fergar Mail)
- ARIA MAIL (Quidam de Revel)
POMONA MAIL (2003 Fergar Mail) sold faol at FENCES, finalist at 5 & 6 yr old in 2008-2009, ISO 130.
Quipling Mail (2004 Jaguar Mail) her last foal, winner in eventing.

Her daughter IMPALA MAIL (1996 Alligator Fontaine), who started to breed at 3 and sold at 5 is the mother of MATAHARI MAIL (2000 Carthago)a very good winner in CSO-CSI, ISO 153, Opaline Mail (2002 Fergar Mail) broodmare sold in 2005, Quickstep Mail (2004 Quick Star) sold in 2005 very good show jumper with an amateur rider, ISO 129, RANDY MAIL (2005 Fergar Mail) sold at the Elite FENCES auctions in 2008, very good jumper finalist at 4 & 5 yr old, ISO 131.