1979-2008 - SF - 1m67 - bai brun

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Spotted Beauty xx
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NIGHTY FONTAINE was a dark bay mare,3/4 thoroughbred and winner at 4 & 5 CSO, finalist at 4 ISO 111.
She was the uterine sister of Champions,I LOVE YOU (Alm) winner of the World Cup 1983 in Vienna and Horse of The Year in USA, pre-slectionned for the OG and of JOLLY GOOD (Alm) winner in CSIO un USA, World record for Puissance.
She became one of our foundation mares at Brullemail .


NIGHTY FONTAINE started to breed at the stud of her breeder Michel Pelissier. She was bought by Brullemail in 1991 after having lost twin foals several times during the pregnency.

- 1987 VIGOGNE FONTAINE (Lama des Landes) f gr
- 1988 ALLIGATOR FONTAINE (Noren) m bf French Champion ,great winner in CSI & CSIO with M. Robert & E. Navet, ISO 190, stallion and father of winners like JALISCA SOLIER (10th OG Peking).
- 1992 EMBRYA MAIL (Digne Espoir) f black CSO & broodmare (see page).
- 1993 FRASCATOR MAIL (Jalisco) m db CSIO French team with P. Delaveau (ISO 170), exported to Italy.
- 1993 FRISCO MAIL (Hand In Glove xx) geld db CSO & CSI, ISO 131.
- 1994 GWALIOR MAIL (Voltaire) geld balck CSO exported to Spain.
- 2001 NOCTURNE MAIL (Iowa) f black, CSO & broodmare (see page)
- 2002 OMBRA MAIL (Imago Mail) f balck,broodmare exported to Spain.