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MATAHARI MAIL is a beautiful and tall sport mare. One of the best in her age group at 6 with (ISO 153) Patrice Delaveau.
Good winner CSO & CSI with David Mommolin.
MATAHARI is a daughter of the "chef de race" CARTHAGO.
Her dam IMPALA MAIL is a daughter of French Champion ALLIGATOR FONTAINE. Accidented, she didn't compete. Very pretty mare, qualified for the regional final of Normandy broodmares. Mother of:
- 2000 MATAHARI MAIL (Carthago) f b, very good winner CSO & CSI, ISO 153,
- 2002 OPALINE MAIL (Fergar Mail) f b broodmare, sold in 2005
- 2003 QUICK STEP MAIL (Quick Star) sold yearling, Jumping winner at 5 & 6.
- 2004 RANDY MAIL (Fergar Mail) m b, sold at 3 Fences Elite 2008, 4 yr old Finalist 2010.

Sa grand-mre ALMANDINE (Alm) very good winner CSO & CSI (ISO 151)produced :
- 1993 FAMOSO MAIL (Hand In Glove ps) geld bf, winner in CCI with Jean Teulre (ICC 157). - 1997 SANTIAGO Z (Sandro) sold at PSI sales. - 1999 CELTIC Z (Calvaro) - 2001 NYMPHEA MAIL (Alligator Mail) CSO at 4 the broodmare. (see page) - 2003 POMONA MAIL (Fergar Mail) f bf sold foal at FENCES elite, finalist at 5yrs in 2008, ISO 130. - 2004 QIPLING MAIL (Jaguar Mail) geld bb, last product.
MATAHARI MAIL is an ELITE broodmare.


MATAHARI MAIL is an ELITE SF broddmare.
She has had her 3 first foals by embryo transfer :

- 2005 SCARLETT MAIL (Quite Easy) f b broodmare
- 2005 SAMANTHA MAIL (Quite Easy) f bf CSI, ISO 128
- 2009 VERSO MAIL (Quarto Mail) g d ch Jumping at 4, sold
- 2011 BYZANCE MAIL (Iowa) f b CSI4* 2021, exported to USA
- 2013 DAKATO MAIL (Stakkato) m b jumping 2017
- 2014 EMORY MAIL (Quercus du Maury aa) m gr 3 yr old Eventing vice Champion, s3rd of the 5 years old Championship show Eventing, CCI in 2022 with a young rider.
- 2016 GINA MAIL (Singular LS) Regional champion foal
- 2017 HARMONY MAIL (Ulgar Mail) dbute 4 ans en 2021

20120 ma b DELSTAR MAIL
20121 ma b DELSTAR MAIL