1995 - SF - 1m63 - Al

RETRAITEE (retired)
  Alligator Fontaine sf
Noren sf
Sire xx
Capucine sf
Nighty Fontaine sf
Dark Tiger xx
Elyria sf
  Jessica D sf
Alm sf
Ibrahim sf
Girondine sf
Urania aa
Matador aa


HALLIGA was the last JESSICA's foal born at Brullemail.
We bred her directly at 4 yr olds.
As all our broodmares by ALLIGATOR, she produces very well.
Her dam JESSICA D (Alm) won in CSI et produced some excellent sport horses as JESSY MAIL 8th at the World Cup & 16th at the Eventing European Championship 2009. Same dam line than MYLORD CARTHAGO CSIO or MORGAT World Winner.
Her sons OR & QUARTO are realy good sport horses. OR MAIL is a winner in GP 1m45 at 8 yr old and the young stallion QUARTO MAIL is now under the saddle of Patrice Delaveau, qualified for the 6 yr old championship 2010, is 7 yr old Grand Prix CSI winner, ISO 145.
RAMITA MAIL (Jaguar Mail) exported to Italy at 6 in 2011, very good jumper.
HALLIGA MAIL is an ELITE broodmare.


ELITE SF broodmare :

- 2001 NIAGARA MAIL (Rebel Z) f ch sold foal Fences, exported to GB
- 2002 OR MAIL (Calvaro) g b sold 3yrs Fences, winner Grand Prix 1m45 ISO 134
- 2003 POLAR MAIL (Hoggar Mail) g grey sold 3yrs, Jumping & Dressage
- 2004 QUARTO MAIL (Cardento) m b stallion, finalist at 4 & 6 yr old, ISO 158 CSI 5* winner with A.Kocher (USA), (see page)
- 2005 RAMITA MAIL (Jaguar Mail) f b bred at 3yrs, show jumping at 5 in 2010, sold at 6 to Italy, very good jumer winner. CSI ISO 140
- 2007 TRELIGA MAIL (Iowa) f b Very good jumping winner, qualified for the Finale at Fontainebleau, from 4 to 6 year old, ISO 141. Exported to USA.
- 2008 ULLIGA MAIL (Quality Touch) f b Finalist 5 & 7 year old, CSI, ISO 149
- 2009 VELLEDA MAIL (Jaguar Mail) f ch Jumping winner
- 2010 ARGENTINA MAIL (Quite Easy) f b jumping winner
- 2011 BAHIA MAIL (Con Air) f b (dead)
- 2012 CALUKYA MAIL (Utrillo vd Heffinck) f b jumping winner
- 2013 DAMITA MAIL (Tygar Mail) f b
- 2015 FABIO MAIL (Diamant de Semilly) m al for sale
- 2017 HUGO MAIL (Andain du Thalie) m b for sale
- 2017 H ... (Diamant de semilly) embryo sold

2018 Bred by CATCHAR MAIL