1980-2005 - hann/facteurSF - 1,68 m - Grise

  Alm sf
Ibrahim sf
The Last Orange
Girondine sf
Ultimate PS
J'Vins MArs
  Goldret Hann
Gotthard hann
Goldfish II
Stute V 6689 hann
Friesen Konig
Stute V

ADORET was a sumptuos grey mare who blends strength,energy,movement and elegance.She was also very friendly with everyone and her faols all inherited this quality.She was an Alm daughter coming from some good Hanovarian lines.
Her dam GOLDRET (Gotthard) was a direct sister to GRAF a good winner with Harvey Smith.In Germany she had the stallion RENOME (Ramiro) sire of good winners and father of broodmares.
I travelled to Zangersheide with some friends Dubuisson-Luchaire and we chose GOLDRET Z in foal to Alm. She gave them in France the good winner in CSO TAMAHAWK.
She an amazing production.


1987 RODANT Z (Ramiro) f b Champion for 5yr olds in Belgium, CSIO in Holland, broodmare at Zangersheide
1990 CHERGAR MAIL (Laudanum xx) m b CSIO ISO 165, sold in 1990
1992 ELVIRA MAIL (Laudanum xx) f al br broodmare, dam of the stars JAGUAR MAIL (Olympic Games 2008) stallion & KATCHINA MAIL vice World Winner 2010 and the young stallion ULGAR MAIL. Grand dam of the young stallion ULMAR MAIL.
1993 FERGAR MAIL (Laudanum xx) m b Finalist at 5yrs, ISO 135, CSI, exported to Mexico in 1999, stallion under the name CHAPULTEPEC LA SILLA, sire of CSIO & CSIW winners.
1995 HOGGAR MAIL (Hand In Glove xx) m grey Finalist at 5 & 6yrs, French 6yr old Champion, CSI, Stallion
1997 JELAK MAIL (Rubloff xx) m bf CSO, sold in 2003
1998 KORRIGANE MAIL (Sandro) f balck broodmare
1999 LIBERTY MAIL (Rubloff xx) f bf, broodmare sold in 2005
2001 NANOUCHKA MAIL (Fergar Mail) f grey CSO, broodmare
2001 NECTAR MAIL (Zandor) m black CSO, sold in 2002
2003 PRIMA MAIL (Alligator Fontaine) f b very promsing broodmare.