Oops A Daisy Glen Brullemail
Fawn/ Fauve - 25-07-2018

  Hjohoo's Love Looking at Hjo (BOBCrufts,ChUS,SE,DK,RU, etc.)
Sanderfield Pure Talent . (ChIB, FI,LT,NO,PL,PN,SE)
Hovartan Beckenbauer
Sanderfield Whirling Round. (ChDK,FI)
Hjohoo's Live to be Loved by Hjo. (ChSE)
Goldclint's Gamekeeper. (ChFI, SE)
Hjohoo's Your Love is my Life. (ChSE)
  Hjohoo's Just Wants Hjour Love.
Hjohoo's Give Me Hjour Love. (ChSE, US)
Sanderfield Pure Talent.
Hjohoo's Your Love is my Life. (ChSE)
Hjohoo's Just the Way Hjo Are. (CACSCHPT(1) Ch NL,SI,US)
Danjou's Armani. (ChPN)
Hjohoo's Hjo Are One of a Kind. (ChSE)


DAISY is our little blonde "Coquine" . Always happy and always ready for a game of catch with a ball or whatever I can find to throw. As we already had 2 brindles and Bernard had a hard time telling the difference between Jess and Noomi , much to our great joy we decided to keep the cute blonde Daisy.She showed as a baby and puppy to great success charming the judges with her extreme cuteness and happy nature  but we prefer showing her brindle sister Odette who has more size and substance.Both girls have an amazing quality of fur and breeding of course and adorable characters.Her Sire is the world famous Cairn "Magnus" HJOHOO'S LOVE LOOKING AT HJO. He not only won the coveted BOB at CRUFTS but was also Cairn of the Year in the US in 2017 winning the famous BOB and BIS2 at Montgomery and Dog of the Year (all breeds) in Sweden 2018.He is also Swedish, Dannish, Russian & American Champion and Interra Winner-16, Dannish Winner-15, Nordic Junior winner-15, European Winner-16, European Junior Winner-15, Nordic Winner-15, Belgian & Benelux Winner-16. A fabulous dog and sire.Her Mother is our lovely Jess who is also from a mother and grandmother who were both World Winners. And generations of  many excellent and famous Cairns.DAISY is expecting her first litter in June 2021 with the fawn male Playboy Des Monts de Galloway.

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Jess - 2014
Noomi - 2017
Daisy - 2018
Odette - 2018